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Student Tech Fee Policy

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) Use of Facilities and Equipment Purchased with Student Technology Fees

Under an initiative by the university and the student body, technology fees were implemented for UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS to support access to technology (equipment, facilities) and to provide a partnership between student oversight boards and college administration to administer such facilities and funds.

Undergraduate students in the CVMBS (MB01, EH01 and VX12 students) contribute $200 dollars per year ($100 per regular semester) for full time enrollment (or a portion thereof for part time enrollment) to the technology fund. These funds are then allocated by the CVMBS College Student Undergraduate Council and administered by the Dean’s office to support facilities, facility access and equipment. Charges for technology are made and expended as per the University Charges for Technology Manual available at:

The Student Undergraduate Council has partnered with the CVMBS to create an open student computing facility in the Microbiology building where the equipment, supplies, staffing, oversight methods, and use policies are created and administered by the Council. The CVMBS through the Dean’s office provides space, IT support, utility support, and funds administration to this facility. The use of the facility as set by the Student Council is an open lab for use by the undergraduate students of CVMBS in support of technology pursuits related to their education.

The balance of the technology funds not invested in the computing facility are allocated through a grant application process where undergraduate students and faculty develop proposals that meet the criteria set forth in the University Charges for Technology Manual. Interested students and faculty members may consult the CVMBS College Council for the proposal instructions and allocation processes. Expenditures and allocations are overseen by the Dean’s office in cooperation with the Council’s Faculty Sponsor.

The use of the undergraduate student computing facility, as a scheduled part of regular classes, is not an allowable use under the guidelines established. While this facility is made available to undergraduate students to use in support of their classes, their individual pursuits or other technology ventures that support student education, it is not subject to regular scheduling or utilization by faculty or staff members.

A facility for regular instructional purposes is provided by the college in the Anatomy Zoology (AZ) Building and can be scheduled through the Biomedical Sciences office in the Anatomy Zoology Building. The AZ facility can be configured for unique instructional purposes with sufficient advance notice and coordination through CVMBS IT Services.

Phone: (970) 297-HELP (4357)
Fax: (970) 491-2250

The Student Undergraduate Council may consider and grant variances from the usage policies. Specific requests, of limited scope and duration, may be submitted to the Council for consideration providing regular use of the facility is not significantly curtailed. Such requests shall be submitted in writing well in advance of the desired use to allow consideration and response by the Council. Requests shall specify the amount of the facility to be used, the times and dates of the usage, and such other information as may be necessary to allow the Council to judge the impact of the requested use on normal facility operations.

Statement issued: October, 2003. Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, CVMBS.