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IT Services
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IT Services

Computer Purchasing Policy

Document Version Date: April 11, 2013
Note – This document is subject to frequent changes as this process is refined so please refer to CVMBS Policies, Guidelines, and Standards Web page <> for the latest version.


This document will provide a high level description of the new CVMBS Computer Purchasing Process. As of August 1, 2012, this process must be followed in order for a new computer to be fully supported by IT Services. Otherwise, the computer will only get minimal support. Note that IT Services will continue to create purchases for computers that will NOT be fully supported. See “Unsupported Computer Quotes” below.

Step 1

The customer calls IT Services Helpdesk (297-HELP) and requests help in purchasing a new computer(s). A helpdesk technician will schedule a time to meet with the customer and review the computing requirements. Once the technician has an understanding of the computing requirements, then they will create a quote and send that to the customer for review. As part of the email containing the quote, the technician will request that if the customer is satisfied with the eQuote, to please reply with the information listed in step 2.

Step 2

Once the customer is satisfied with the specifications of the quote, they will forward the quote to their department’s purchase authorization officer. The purchase authorization officer, if they agree to the purchase, will reply to the technician (and cc the customer who will use the computer) with the following information (Note – if a computer is being purchased with non-departmental funds, such as a research grant, then routing the quote through the department’s authorization officer may not be required):

  • Financial account number to use by CVMBS/IT Services in ordering through Kuali
  • Location – The location where the computer will be used. The computer will be shipped to IT Services at one of the two Helpdesk locations.
    • Use “VTH” if the computer will be used at VMC, Rocky Ford, Grand Junction
    • Use “MC” if the computer will be used at Main Campus, Foothills, Lake Street Offices
  • The name and phone number of the person that will be using the computer. Occasionally people will order computers for someone else who is actually located in a different site. This will help ensure, along with the info requested above, that the computer will be shipped to the correct site (VMC or MC).

Step 3

IT Services will order the computer.

  • The technician will receive the “approval” reply from the customer’s authorization officer with the requested information. The technician will then forward the reply to IT Services’ purchasing mailbox.
  • IT Services Primary Purchasing "Agent" will be the primary ordering person.
    • Agent will use the information in the email to order the computer.
  • Agent will attach (or, copy and paste) the “authorization email” to the Kuali order so that the approving officer can contact the customer who needs the computer to validate the order.
  • Agent (or Secondary Agent if necessary) will utilize a specific shipping address so that the computer will arrive at the correct site (either VMC or MC).
    • MC shipping address
      • Colorado State University
      • 1601 Campus Delivery
      • 150 Lake & Center Parking Garage
      • Fort Collins, CO 80523
    • VMC shipping address
      • Colorado State University
      • 1620 Campus Delivery
      • Veterinary Teaching Hospital – Room A222
      • Ft. Collins, CO 80523
  • Secondary Agent can order if necessary due to Primary Agent being gone for an extended time and the computer needs to be ordered immediately.

Step 4

When the computer arrives at CVMBS (either the VMC or MC Helpdesk depending on the order), the following will occur:

  • Agent will reply back to the authorization officer with the following information.
    • Service Tag
    • Make
    • Model
    • Date of Purchase
  • The customer who will be using the computer will be contacted by a Helpdesk technician. The technician will review with the customer all the details necessary to set the new computer up, work with the customer on data migration issues, and provide a “tentative” delivery date.

Step 5

The IT Services Helpdesk technician will set up the computer. Once the technician is confident of when the computer will be ready, they will contact the customer to schedule an “actual” delivery, setup, and migration time and date.

Step 6

The IT Services Helpdesk technician will deliver and finalize the setup of the computer with the customer in attendance.

Unsupported Computer eQuotes

There may be times when a customer wishes to purchase a Dell product that will NOT be fully supported by IT Services. But, they still wish for IT Services to create a quote that the customer can then use to purchase the computer (by themselves or someone else in their department). As an example, they may wish to purchase a mini-computer which are currently NOT fully supported by IT Services.

IT Services will go ahead and create the quote for the customer. When the quote is sent to the customer it will state that while the quote was created per the customer’s request, it will NOT be fully supported by IT Services if the customer does purchase the computer.

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